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The Referee Stats Thread

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  • The Referee Stats Thread

    Anybody that knows me knows that I watch a ton of college basketball and follow the game pretty closely and follow officiating as well. PTTB and I got into a discussion about how bad things seem to happen whenever Mike Stuart shows up to do our games. So, I went ahead and pulled every box score of the Jake era and have compiled some interesting facts as far as who's done the most of our games, who's done the most games in the McLeod Center, what our W/L Percentage is with each.

    These numbers are current as of 2/14/18 and I will try to update periodically. The official has to have done at least 5 of our games to be listed. Retired officials are marked with (r).

    Most UNI Games Officiated Home and Away (UNI Record)
    1-Paul Janssen-59 (38-21)
    2-John 'Hollywood' Higgins-55 (38-17)
    3-Gerry 'The Cop' Pollard-53 (36-17)
    4-Kipp Kissinger-40 (30-10)
    5-Randy Heimerman-34 (22-12)
    5-Kelly Self-34 (22-12)
    7-Don Dailey-29 (19-10)
    8-Zelton Steed-26 (14-12)
    8- 'TV' Tom Eades-27 (15-12)
    10-Randy McCall-23 (10-13)

    Most Games Officiated in the McLeod Center
    1-Paul Janssen-31
    2-Gerry 'The Cop' Pollard-26
    3-Kipp Kissinger-23
    4-John 'Hollywood' Higgins-22
    5-Randy Heimerman-19
    6-Kelly Self-17
    7-Terry Oglesby-15
    8-Hal Lusk-14
    9-'No Call' David Hall-13
    9-Don Dailey-13

    Most UNI Valley Games Officiated (UNI Record)
    1-Paul Janssen-44 (26-18)
    2-Gerry 'The Cop' Pollard-41 (26-15)
    3-John 'Hollywood' Higgins-39 (25-14)
    4-Kipp Kissinger-28 (21-7)
    5-Kelly Self-27 (16-11)

    Most UNI Wins Officiated (Overall)
    1-John 'Hollywood' Higgins-38
    1-Paul Janssen-38
    3-Gerry 'The Cop' Pollard-36
    4-Kipp Kissinger-30
    5-Randy Heimerman-22

    Most UNI Losses Officiated (Overall)
    1-Paul Janssen-21
    2-John 'Hollywood' Higgins-17
    2-Gerry 'The Cop' Pollard-17
    4-Randy McCall-13
    5-'TV' Tom Eades-12
    5-Zelton Steed-12
    5-Kelly Self-12
    5-Randy Heimerman-12
    9-Mike Stuart-11
    8-Gene Grimshaw-11

    Best Winning Percentage (Min 5 Games)
    1-Kelly Pfeifer-85.7 (6-1)
    3-Verne 'Final 4' Harris-80.0 (8-2)
    4-Kipp Kissinger-75.0 (30-10)
    4-Brad Ferrie-75.0 (15-5)

    Worst Winning Percentage (Min 5 Games)
    1-Ed Hightower (r)-16.7 (1-5)
    2-Ed Crenshaw-20.0 (1-4)
    3-Darron George-33.3 (3-6)
    4-Mike Stuart-35.2 (6-11)
    5-Randy McCall-43.4 (10-13)
    6-Gene Grimshaw-45.0 (9-11)
    7-Winston Stith-45.4 (5-6)
    7-Eric Curry-45.4 (5-6)
    These are the only officials with at least 5 games that we are under .500 with in the Jake era.

    Best Valley Winning Percentage (Min 5 Games)
    1-David Stevens-83.3 (5-1)
    2-Kipp Kissinger-75.0 (21-7)
    2-Verne 'Final 4' Harris-75.0 (6-2)
    4-Brad Ferrie-72.2 (8-3)
    5-Terry Wymer-71.4 (5-2)
    5-Bert Smith-71.4 (10-4)
    7-Bo Boroski-70.0 (7-3)
    8-Mike Sanzere (r)-66.6 (12-6)
    8-Randy Heimerman-70.5 (12-6)
    8-Tom O'Neill-66.6 (8-4)

    Worst Valley Winning Percentage (Min 5 Games)
    1-Mike Stuart-33.3 (4-8)
    1-Darron George-33.3 (2-4)
    3-Terry Davis (r)-40.0 (4-6)
    4-Randy McCall-41.1 (7-10)
    5-Mark Whitehead (r)-42.8 (6-8)
    6-Hal Lusk (r)-43.7 (7-9)
    7-Jeff Malham-45.4 (5-6)
    These are the only sub-.500 Records with a 5 game minimum

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    Is it just me or have we had Mike Stuart a ton this year?


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      Originally posted by achrist70 View Post
      Is it just me or have we had Mike Stuart a ton this year?
      4 times already.


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        Thanks BCPanther! I find this very interesting...


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          Confirms my suspicion about Hightower. To use an old Mudra line - "I wish I could buy him for what I think he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth." Glad he is retired. Glad he is not a commentator on any media.
          Josh Mahoney, Ellie Blankenship, Adam Koch, Jacqui Kalen, David Johnson, Madison Weekly = Golden Panthers on and off the court.


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            Thanks BC I find this very interesting as well. And just as a point of reference Mike Stuart, Bret Smith, Gene Grimshaw were the refs in Evansville 1/31.


            • #7
              There's a Bret Smith, who we had Wednesday, that just started working Big 12 and Valley games this year and then there's a Bert Smith that has been around the Big 12/Valley for a few years now and was actually one of the guys that got suspended in that Iowa State/Kansas debacle a few years ago.

              Makes your eyes go crossed...


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                BC - do you have the games for some of the guys lower on the list (like Hightower and Crenshaw)? It would be interesting to see who the competition was for those games.


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                  Originally posted by Gboom23 View Post
                  BC - do you have the games for some of the guys lower on the list (like Hightower and Crenshaw)? It would be interesting to see who the competition was for those games.
                  Crenshaw is 1-3 in league games plus loss to Xavier this year.

                  Hightower was 1-3 in league games plus a loss to Iowa in the first Big 4 and a loss at Paradise Jam in 2010

                  I don't have league games broken down much further at this point because there are just so damn many of them.
                  Last edited by BCPanther; 02-02-2018, 02:59 PM.


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                    More added....


                    • #11
                      Mike Stuart has an ego bigger than the UNI Dome. Can’t question anything call he makes or he turns on you. I cringe when I see that he’s doing one of our games. Same with Janssen. He anticipates calls and has that same ego. People hate on Higgins but if you break down his calls he’s tremendously accurate. Tom O’Neil should’ve retired years ago as he can’t keep up with the speed of the game and when he blows a call he exaggerates his call. Comical! Zelton is still the worst ref we’ll see. Absolutely clueless.


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                        More Brad Ferrie Please...


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                          Not really related to the opening post, but last night felt like it should have broken a few records. How many 3-pt shots drew fouls? 4 or 5, I think...


                          • #14
                            If you check the Twitter highlights of LA Tech Jacobi Boykins T'd up for a dunk, it was Gerry Pollard who T'd him up from 50' away.


                            • #15
                              Gerry Pollard is one of the best in the business. I'll take my chances with him any day of the week.