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    ugh! sorry - that was anticlimactic!

    "I think I would have been the guy, in my eyes," Wagner said. "A lot of people think it's a head-scratching move. But you've got to be happy to succeed. ... So I wanted to get out of there."
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      2 good transfers for the Panthers, bet is Wagner is the UNI starter at 133. Both well coached from Coach Knight from Bettendorf, we competed against these guys for their entire high school careers. I did not realized that Ryan got that big, he could be a factor next season, be interesting to see how he competes in the opens. I would think Wagner has a much bigger upside, but he was released from Iowa and Ryan was not? It sounds like Ryan wanted to transfer last year, but was not released, then he was not even on Iowa's listed roster? Another great work partner for Max, Moore, and Bryce. Good Luck new panthers.


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        Big get for the Panthers!


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            A couple of these guys were in action for IA Wrestle's Night of Conflict on Friday night. Biscoglia (#18) lost to Northern Colorado commit Jace Koelzer (#10) and Michael Millage (#20) beat Rutgers commit Malcolm Robinson (#3). I didn't realize at first I was watching Michael wrestle because he has changed his last name to Blockhus. His win was certainly headline worthy although that kid only brought a gas tank with about 90 seconds in it. Michael wore him out and worked him easily. Recap here: http://news.theopenmat.com/high-scho...tertains/64494