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Drake's Tremell Murphy Arrested

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  • Drake's Tremell Murphy Arrested

    Discharging firearm within city limits and false reports. Lied to police about a man seriously injured in a shooting. HE SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD AND LIED ABOUT IT.

    Last edited by BCPanther; 09-12-2019, 10:31 AM.

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    Poor Drake - they certainly have a lot of ups and downs.


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      Is that bad?

      Originally posted by 9YRPLAN
      iowa sucks, fran sucks, their schedule sucks, iowa fans suck


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        Originally posted by 06panther10 View Post
        Is that bad?
        At Illinois State I think the punishment would be 1 extra killer during conditioning and missing 20 seconds of playing time in the first intrasquad scrimmage.

        So yeah. Pretty bad I'd guess
        GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


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          Hopefully the other student will recover (apparently shot in a dorm/apt)


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            He had 19 double doubles last year. The suspension will be short.


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              Originally posted by panther1 View Post
              He had 19 double doubles last year. The suspension will be short.
              Drake message board already saying kicking him off the team would be way to hard and anything other than a max of 10 games would be too harsh

              Race card has been pulled and he lied because he's black and cops would have been too hard if he told the truth

              It's just a simple mistake and shouldn't be punished for it.

              Just amazing.
              GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


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                Lot of accidental gunfire at college parties these days.

                I went to a lot of college parties in the 90's and I don't recall ever seeing a gun.

                Fellas...if you feel you've gotta own one, at least have a clue how to use it.

                Stop shooting your friends. It ain't that hard.

                Tough spot for Coach DD here. Guy nearly killed someone and lied to cops. If you keep him on team it raises questions on culture...if u cut him u could lose two players.
                Last edited by Blue42; 09-12-2019, 12:46 PM.
                Winning is more fun than losing.


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                  Feel bad for the kid that got shot. The timing it must take to fall head first into a bullet....