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Idaho State - Game 3 - Week 4

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  • Idaho State - Game 3 - Week 4

    I see they were 6-5 last year and scores seemed like they competed in most games. They will most likely come with a record of 1-1 this year. Looks like they have a new QB from last years team. Not sure we'll know a lot about them from their first two weeks as they will have beat up on a D2 school and will most likely get beat up by Utah in week 2.

    At home against a middle of the pack Big Sky team i like our chances a lot. Hopefully we see 2 weeks of work poured into the running game or maybe we throw to the edges more to simulate a running game. I think UNI wins 38 - 7 since i'm guessing we won't put the ball on the ground 4 times.

    Everyone try to bring 2 friends and lets get 11,000 or 12,000 people in the dome.

    Sorry for the double post but i didn't want to look at that wrong heading. If there's someone with moderator power...please delete the other one.

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    I see in the game notes that the two deep has been updated ahead of this weeks game and it follows Farley's comments from the press conference. Briley Moore not listed on this weeks 2 deep. Per quotes out of the press conference may not return this year. Hope to see Briley back at a 100% either end of this year or for a full season next year.


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      Not to get too far ahead of ourselves but, l think the true litmus test of the season will be at Weber State in a couple weeks.


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        This should be similar to the SUU game

        Absolutely have to find a ground game though.
        GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!