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Game 8, UNI vs SDSU

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    Originally posted by vbfan19 View Post
    Farley is actually the one that calls the offensive plays for the basketball team too
    That probably explains why we settle for 3 so often...
    Number of times on Sports Illustrated cover:
    Ben Jacobson coached teams = 2
    UNI teams coached by everyone ban thinks is better = 0


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      Originally posted by UNIGrainer View Post

      It isn't losing to SDSU that bothers me. It is losing to SDSU by 32 points that bothers me. And that score wasn't a fluke either. Add to that the fact that we got torched in our last game as well, and haven't been competitive in about half of our games this year.

      They're good but they also lost to Florida Gulf Coast and Tulane. They have Alabama State, Bemidiji State, UTSA and Kansas City on their schedule, but we are their most lopsided victory. If we are the program we'd like to be, we shouldn't lose to SDSU by 32 on a neutral court no matter how good they are.
      This. I knew it would be a tough game, but a 32 point loss? Unacceptable.
      To avoid confusion - my username is baseball (Cy Young award) related, NOT for the Cyclones.


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        We are getting much needed rest though and critical practice time. I'm hopeful we see a new look team after this mini reset.

        Dubuque should be a good warm up for Iowa, who looked a lot like us during their game vs MSU (granted against a top 10 team).


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          Originally posted by MDB View Post

          The point still stands. I would bet the coaches want to win more than you and are way more qualified than you to decide how to go about winning games. And I again... I doubt you would so aggressively question them to their face.

          Its fine to be frustrated. Everyone is. But at the end of the day our jobs as fans are to support these guys. If you don't want to support them then don't. But if you want "better players" then show up to the games, be loud, support your team. Recruits look at message boards. They look at fan support. They are looking for a family. Families support each other.

          I bet the guys in the locker room haven't given up. Still a lot of season. Would be nice if us fans would stay with them.

          That's all I'm saying. These players and coaches give this game their all. Support them or don't. But don't bash them behind a fake name. They deserve better than that.
          I need to disagree. Saying that we are going into the third year of extremely disappointing results is a valid statement. Wondering how we are so bad at shooting and making plays at the rim for so long with different players is a good question. I have to wonder why the coaches are not getting through to these players. We have talent but the results are just sad just sad. This is not personal but it is legitimate to wonder aloud if coaches need to reach out to their mentors and figure out how they can improve this situation. The coaches are the one constant variable over the last 3 years, Something has got to change.


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            Originally posted by MDB View Post

            When I made my first post I told the board exactly who I was. And I have not and will not say anything negative about this program, it's players or its coaches or anyone on this board. So I'm not hiding behind anything lol. MDB are my initials. I'm just trying to help keep the peace and keep people on the band wagon.
            I see you joined earlier this year...just be glad you weren't around when the games were actually meaningful during our glory years...you may not have been able to handle the negativity on here after a loss. But alas, that's what message boards are for, like it or not. You can choose to avoid saying anything negative, but I don't think that gives you the right to tell others how to post. It reeks of "I'm better than you" piousness. And, honestly, do you think this board would exist and get traffic to the level that it has for the past 13-14 years if we all agreed and were Polly Positive about EVERYTHING? Good lord, it would be so boring.

            Generally speaking, I agree that we shouldn't single out individual, 18-22 year old, amateur players. But I think a coach making more money than most everyone on this board and the mothership of sports entertainment can take a few shots from us.
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              The board used to have much more traffic when we were successful. The alleged negative people seem to make up a large majority of the people who cared enough to stick around and continue to spend their time and money on Panther Athletics.
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                MDB has said who he was from day 1. He is going to have a natural bias towards certain players/recruits. But whatever.

                Calling him out is silly.