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International Players

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  • International Players

    For those in the know, what is involved in recruiting international players? It seems like a lot of the 7'0" guys are from Eastern Europe or some -lavia country.

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    Originally posted by sivert View Post
    For those in the know, what is involved in recruiting international players? It seems like a lot of the 7'0" guys are from Eastern Europe or some -lavia country.

    Some MVC schools seem to have mastered the art of recruiting international players. I think SIU had 12 swimmers/divers from other countries during one season. They even had a shirt with all the flags on it. One of the divers was a "30 year old" Olympic wannabe who won every year. Yeah, I'm still bitter.


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      Not sure, but I did see from Verbal Commits today that Boubacar Toure (RS JR) is leaving Grand Canyon University. 6'11" kid from Senegal with 2 years of eligibility. No clue how good he is, but it just caught my eye since we could really use a transfer with this kind of size for next year. Yes, useless info, this post just made me think of it.
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        Sitting this year out.

        Missed last season with a torn ACL

        Played 8 games in 15-16, shot 44% 4 points and 4 boards. 46% free throw shooter before suffering a knee injury that ended his season.

        So in 4 years he will have played 8 games and none in 3 with 2 major knee injuries and surgeries

        Hardest of passes


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          Re: international talent, it has become increasingly more difficult to get SA's passed through the NCAA's process of amateurism. Mostly because if HS kids are good, they are playing with their local club pro teams. My understanding is that even if someone isn't being paid but still plays on a pro level team, the NCAA will count that against them.
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            Back when I worked at UNI, we had to take a van up to Toronto for a conference (long story ... no choice but to drive).

            Anyway, at the border check inside Canada going in, the border guard looked at our paperwork and said to another guard, "Hey, Gus (or whatever), these guys are from my college." Turned out she went to UNI from Canada on a golf scholarship.

            Nothing relevant to this thread today, just tossing it out because it still amuses me. At least one other PN member was there.
            "Well, that escalated quickly."