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Womens Rugby

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  • Womens Rugby

    The 2001 UNI Womens Rugby team has been selected for induction into the 2020 Iowa Rugby Hall of Fame class. 2001 was the first of two consecutive national championship teams at UNI. In 2016 the MVP on that team, Jen Sinkler, was the first woman inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also in the 2020 class is Jennifer Murra, who coached those teams along with her late husband Steve (2017 inductee).

    Congrats to all, and one in particular!

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    TIL we have a women's rugby team. Not NCAA sanctioned, I know, but still.


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      Originally posted by sevelev711 View Post
      TIL we have a women's rugby team. Not NCAA sanctioned, I know, but still.
      the NCAA doesn't really sponsor rugby much at all. They've listed women's rugby as an "emerging sport" since 2002, but there are only like 20 teams involved in that, and there is no sanctioned championship or anything.

      Most college rugby teams (women and men) are pretty much club teams associated with USA Rugby.
      UNI has both a women's and a men's team.


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        UNI's womens rugby team was one of the best in the nation when Steve Murra, and his wife Jennifer,- RIP - were in charge. I haven't followed the team much post Steve so I'm not sure if they are still at that current level.

        When it comes to the NCAA you don't want to be an NCAA sport. Club is where it's at. There aren't the same type of fundraising rules you have to follow, the rosters are managed differently, the best teams in the country play club, and you can play non NCAA teams as well.

        Steve and Jennifer were approached many times about becoming an NCAA sport to help with Title IX and a few other things, but they wouldn't have gotten the funding and everything would have to have been run the same way, but with NCAA regulations over it, while playing inferior competition.

        Our rugby clubs have long been undervalued by outsiders, because so few know about them.

        Great to see some news on the programs again
        GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


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          Agreed. The club rugby set up is basically the same as when I played, way back when. As a college team you need to be able to play against city clubs near you (Waterloo, CR, Dubuque, Waverly, Iowa Falls, etc, etc) to avoid massive travel, if nothing else. I doubt the NCAA would smile upon that, and all the expenses are on the players. Rugby is a great sport, and deserves support.

          Those women’s teams put up insanely lopsided scores, if you know anything about the game. It would be similar to the UNI football team beating every opponent 75-0. That’s no exaggeration. 15’s rugby isn’t typically super high scoring, but they were good enough it didn’t matter.