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2020 Football Season?

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  • NDSU just announced 10,000 fans for its Oct 3 game vs UCA in the Fargodome.

    No tailgating though.. which sucks since its outside.

    Furthermore.. if NDSU can put 10,00 into a stadium for 1 game, why can't they do that for 5-6 games. or UNI, etc?
    UNI has #2 Dome in MVFC, but Ice Lounge rocks! BisoNation.com


    • Absurd to even think about putting 10,000 people next to each other in a domed stadium in the fall/winter in this health situation.
      Give us a yell, HO! The purple and the gold
      Victory for U-N-I!

      Find out what the other team wants to do, then take it away from them.
      - George Halas


      • If a spring season actually happens, there is a proposal to start the playoffs the week of April 24th with a reduced number down to 16 teams. If this is the case games would need to start on February 20th at the latest if we are playing an 8 game conference schedule with every team getting 1 off week with all 11 members.


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          • ...Is this a crypto shilling bot? Does the person making these bots know the demographics of this place? There's only, like, five people younger than 40. And anyone north of 40 doesn't know what crypto is lol.


            • Originally posted by sevelev711 View Post
              ...Is this a crypto shilling bot? Does the person making these bots know the demographics of this place? There's only, like, five people younger than 40. And anyone north of 40 doesn't know what crypto is lol.
              does one store cryptocurrency in a...
              crypto keeper?


              • Is that one of the Iowa State players responsible for kick coverage vs Louisiana? That would explain some things.


                • A 16-team spring playoff in FCS college football advanced to its final step when the NCAA Division I Council voted to recommend it to the governing body's board of directors on Wednesday.



                  • Six at large bids doesn't leave a lot of room for error.


                    • I suspect that a couple leagues will still not play, or be missing a substantial number of teams based on local / state govt input.