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Game 17 Drake

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  • Game 17 Drake

    No game thread and we're at the under 4 min TV timeout? Wow, apathy indeed...

    Anyway, UNI playing okay from what I can tell on ESPN "play-by-play", up by 7 with 2:58 left in the first half.

    I don't have access ESPN+ or other outlets that may be showing the game so I can't see how the boys are playing.

  • #2
    Played good D for most of the half. Drake scored on five of their last 6 possesions. Offense was bleh as usual. Missed a number of open shots which is pretty standard. If Haldeman could get his mojo back that would be huge. Missed some wide open shots badly. I know you got it in you Spence! Make it happen.


    • #3
      The crowd is good in terms of number. Still sitting on their hands every time the team needs them.


      • #4
        Glad to hear the fans came out to support the team, hopefully we go on a bit of a run and they get more engaged.


        • #5
          AJ needs to be more efficient. You were a 4 star Recruit, time to shoot like it. Team looks pretty good today and Dahl continues to play so good minutes.


          • #6
            I can't see anything about JD's play that would explain why we haven't played him more.

            His big body is a handful for other teams.

            And he works his arse off.
            Winning is more fun than losing.


            • #7
              Someone going to step up and make some plays down the stretch, or are we just going to fade away again?


              • #8
                Originally posted by UNIGrainer View Post
                Someone going to step up and make some plays down the stretch, or are we just going to fade away again?
                It appears based on the box score only that Trae or Luke seem to be playing the best - solid offensive numbers & hitting the boards. Seems like Green and Lohaus are playing pretty inconsistent ball.


                • #9
                  Held on barely, UNI goes scoreless the final 6:18, that's not going to cut it most nights. Thank goodness Drake was equally cold (or really good defense).


                  • #10
                    Neither team scores even 1 point in the last 5:40. Wow.
                    Give us a yell, HO! The purple and the gold
                    Victory for U-N-I!

                    Find out what the other team wants to do, then take it away from them.
                    - George Halas


                    • #11
                      27.8 FG % for AJ.... That's rough. Berhow, Luke, and Dahl played nice. No one wanted to win this game at the end with how poor the shooting was. AJ had a chance to seal the game with 1 and 1 and missed. Lucky to get the W but I guess we'll take it and move forward.


                      • #12
                        Well no one stepped up on offense, but other than some rebounding issues the defense was near perfect the last five minutes.

                        Wish we wouldn't go cold in the last five minutes like that though. Same thing happened vs. SIU. SOMEONE has to make a play.

                        But at this point beggars can't be choosers.


                        • #13
                          Keep finding a way to grind out W's boys. We need 9+ W's in the conference.

                          Woulda like to see a play run to get Berhow a shot there late. His stroke looked good today.

                          AJ's gotta start dropping shots. Or you gotta pull back the green light a bit.

                          McDonnell played a heck of a game. Some big boards and D late.

                          How bout Spencer's FT...shades of Wes vs Evansville.
                          Last edited by Blue42; 01-13-2019, 04:15 PM.
                          Winning is more fun than losing.


                          • #14
                            Had some terrific stretches of offense and defense today and some, well, not so great. Happy to have gotten the W! Heck of a game out of Dahl and McDonnell. Dahl has especially come a long way and is looking sharp.


                            • #15
                              Loyola and Valpo atop the league. Lord help me.