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The Drake

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  • The Drake

    Are they any good? Really no standout wins, and they got destroyed by Dayton. Still 12-4 isn’t a bad record.

  • #2
    They play hard all game every game. That's more than about 6 or 7 other MVC teams can say

    That alone will win them more than a few games, especially in this league where you have teams like UE, ISUr, MSU, Valpo etc. that have shown a tendency to shut it down when things are less than perfect.
    GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


    • #3
      They're also very well coached and prepared. Darian is the 2nd best coach in the league and does a really good job of putting his guys in position to succeed. They've been even better since they've decided to not play quite as fast.

      I like them to finish in the top half pretty easily.


      • #4
        I haven’t seen a lot of Drake yet, but they seem very solid.

        UNI, Bradley, Indiana State, Drake, and Loyola seem to very clearly be the 5 teams in the league.
        UNI FIGHT

        Originally posted by 9YRPLAN
        iowa sucks, fran sucks, their schedule sucks, iowa fans suck


        • #5
          Surprised me they took down Loyola.


          • #6
            A couple of things that have helped them:

            1. They recruited Roman Penn as a transfer PG. He’s a good, tough minded player who will have a couple of years left after this season.

            2. Liam Robbins, the big guy at C, has played well, lessening the impact of losing McGlyn.


            • #7
              Seems like Robbins probably has the MVC most improved player award already locked up to me.

              I thought Drake's frontcourt would really struggle this year with Robbins/Ernst. Robbins did an acceptable job filling up for 7 minutes a game last year in MVC play. One year later he is one of the better centers in the conference and really making an impact.