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Class of 2019 - Football Recruits

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  • Originally posted by clenz View Post

    I can't quite figure him - based on the very quick scrolling of social media tracking offers - out. I can't imagine most of his offers are committable anymore. I can't find a 247 or Rivals page for him. I find nothing except a hudl. That is extremely odd given that he apparently held a Kentucky offer at one point.

    The best I can find is a MaxPreps profile - which is almost always useless but isn't for him. MaxPreps has him as one of the top prospects in Florida.

    Per that he had: Tackles
    Varsity Totals 30 97 46 143 4.8 19.0
    Year Grade Team GP Solo Asst Tot Tckls T/G TFL
    18-19 Senior Varsity 14 60 15 75 5.4 15.0
    17-18 Junior Varsity 8 23 15 38 4.8 1.0
    16-17 Sophomore Varsity 8 14 16 30 3.8 3.0
    Varsity Totals 30 23.0 55 0.8 20
    Year Grade Team GP Sacks Ydl S/G Hurs
    18-19 Senior Varsity 14 12.0 0.9 16
    17-18 Junior Varsity 8 8.0 40 1.0 1
    16-17 Sophomore Varsity 8 3.0 15 0.4 3
    Defensive Statistics
    Varsity Totals 30 1 45 45.0 0.0 5 19 2

    Certainly seems to have the stats to warrant having larger FCS/FBS offers, but I can't find anything on him. It's all HBCU's and then UNI, Samford and Kentucky. Based on what I can find for a timeline on him

    Jan 24 UNI offer
    Jan 19 Alabama AM official
    Jan 12 Bethune-Cookman official
    Jan 6 Dodge City CC offer
    Dec 10 Bethune-Cookman offer
    Dec 8 Edward Waters offer
    Sept 25 Kentucky offer
    Sept 20 Valdosta State offer
    Sept 20 Samford offer
    Feb 17 UCF visit

    Based on Tweets I've seen from "scouts" that have tweeted about him he has a decent/good GPA, average ACT score, SAT score was high average. That would seem to make him a qualifier.

    Can't explain it. I also spent too much time looking up things on this HS kid beyond the first two google links (Hudl and 247). So I'll just leave it at that and hope the best for the kid no matter where he ends up.

    Maybe it is this "Kentucky" https://kctcs.edu/


    • Clayton Thurm commits to Iowa - no mention of a scholarship from him. I'd assume walk-on

      Sheet has been updated to reflect this
      Last edited by clenz; 01-30-2019, 04:35 PM.
      GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


      • https://twitter.com/Dawsfent43/statu...404750848?s=19

        Dawson Fenton...a TE/DE out of Bishop Heelan...commits to UNI tonight.
        Winning is more fun than losing.


        • Nouredin will announce next week - I've seen it is between SDSU and Colorado State.

          On a note of a kid that will end up at UNI

          Drake Shelton, Decorah's leading rusher, verballed to UNI. I'm assuming PWO as I can't find anything of a scholarship offer or previous known interest from UNI, or anyone for that matter. Not that it didn't exist, he just doesn't appear to be one to put it all over Hudl or social media sights. Which is perfectly fine, and semi-refreshing to be honest.

          158 attempts
          1,220 yards (7.7 ypc)
          11 TD
          7 receptions
          136 yards (19.4 ypc)
          1 TD
          Was second in ever receiving category as well.

          Also tallied 37.5 tackles, which was 4th best on the team.
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          • Drake Shelton...a RB/S out of Decorah...commits to the Panthers.

            Winning is more fun than losing.


            • Billy Conaway committed to South Dakota. Damn.

              Luke Velky out of Waverly Shell Rock committed to the Panthers.
              Winning is more fun than losing.


              • Why are we not bringing in answers at running back? I’m sure this won’t be popular, but I thought it’s been a weakness the last couple yrs. I realize Allen has another yr, but Soko has been moved back n forth and the rest is really unproven. With a new qb, we seem to be pretty young at running back as well
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                • Very interesting development here...

                  Panthers sign their 2nd 3 star QB in this class. Add Justin Fomby out of Georgia.

                  Tall athletic kid. Had an offer from Missouri at one time but Mizzou signed another kid.

                  Fomby was only ft starter one year as he played behind a kid who went to the Miami Hurricanes. Transferred to another HS that throws it more his senior year.

                  He's a physical specimen. Good arm and mobile. Threw a few picks his Sr year.

                  HS coach said if he was a 2 year starter he would be 4 star and committed before senior year.

                  He and Martens from StL will be an interesting combo of young QBs. Will be interesting to see how this blends with Keller and McElvain.

                  Say what u want about the staff...they can get talent to CF. I'd love to see a stud RB added to this class.
                  Last edited by Blue42; 02-02-2019, 02:15 PM.
                  Winning is more fun than losing.


                  • He's a kid that could really push the idea of Martens being day 1 starter

                    Farley, and staff, once again showing the ability to bring really damn good talent to CF. That's never been a question of Mark.

                    Let's hope this class is properly used over the next 4-5 years.

                    Sadly I'm already looking at all the "QB controversy" threads and topics over the next 12 months specifically. Hopefully whomever takes the field on day 1 doesn't allow for one to crop up

                    Not that it will actually help UNI, but on the same visit that Fomby was offered the staff offered 2021 Central Gwinnett WR Deajon Reynolds, a 247 3* (probably higher once the focus shifts to his class) that also already has offers from Syracuse, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, West Virginia
                    Last edited by clenz; 02-02-2019, 03:57 PM.
                    GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


                    • Julian Richardson is down to Akron and Mercer. I have marked him as going elsewhere on our recruiting sheet.
                      I have a feeling Kyle Atkinson Jr. ends up at Rutgers. It's his only major offer and he is on a visit there this weekend.
                      As mentioned before Nouredin is down to SDSU or Colorado State

                      Jonathon Boyd and Omar Brown aren't easy to figure out leanings but I wouldn't count on them ending up here.

                      Boyd's academic record leads me to believe he's ending up at an Ivy or San Diego. From a "pure football" stand point UNI is his best offer, but academically he's got options that completely dwarf what UNI can offer him (and I that isn't even remotely close to a knock at UNI's academics, it's just the truth)

                      Omar Brown has an Indiana offer and then some MVFC offers (UNI and NDSU headline them). He could be holding for a late Gopher offer.

                      Outside of those 5 I think UNI's odds of landing the other 9 still with offers (scholarship or PWO) are good.
                      GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


                      • Would live to see Jannoris Robertson sign and become the next edge pass rusher ala Ricky Neal.
                        Winning is more fun than losing.


                        • Originally posted by Blue42 View Post
                          Would live to see Jannoris Robertson sign and become the next edge pass rusher ala Ricky Neal.
                          Boyd and Richardson would solidify this class as one of the top "on paper" classes to enter UNI. Now a lot can/does happen in 5 years.
                          GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


                          • Panthers add a commit from Adrian Adams...a WR from Cooper-Robbinsdale HS in the Twin Cities.

                            Has NDSU and Arkansas State offers.

                            Played in the Blue-Grey All Star game down at Jerry World.

                            The book on him is good size and athleticism, gets separation, very good route runner and catches anything close to him.

                            Also has one of the cooler commit videos I've seen. Video from Pop Warner ball thru his commit. Cool idea.

                            Last edited by Blue42; 02-03-2019, 12:10 PM.
                            Winning is more fun than losing.


                            • A lot of guys from completely off the board almost no mentions with UNI before rolling in

                              Also in this afternoon are

                              OL Jesse Hilby from Dubuque Hempstead. His social media is almost non existent. A real quick search yields nothing on him. I'd guess PWO.

                              ATH Trey Lasek of Highland. No mention of an offer for him either.

                              I know there wasn't a ton of scholarships opened up with a smaller senior class.

                              Farley has said he was expecting maybe 16-20 total for the entire class. Based on the run of (what I'm assuming are) PWOs, we could see a class of 23-25

                              Kyle Atkinson Jr left Rutgers without committing, which could be half interesting. Will be announcing his on Tuesday.
                              Last edited by clenz; 02-03-2019, 03:30 PM.
                              GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


                              • Sam Gary of Cedar Falls announed via Twitter he's coming to UNI.

                                I like this one. He's a really strong and hard nosed RB with some quickness. We've had success with this type of runner before. See...Marcus Weymiller.

                                Winning is more fun than losing.